PIA Acronym

PIA Acronym

Throughout this blog we’ve been using the acronym PIA for Pole of InAccessibility, instead of POI, which seems to have originated from the first academic paper on poles of inaccessibility by Garcia-Castellanos and Lombardo in the Scottish Geographical Journal.

Alternative PIAs

The same acronym of PIA is used for numerous other meanings.  Here’s a few I’ve come across…

Pakistan International Airlines Pain In the Ass Privacy Impact Assessment
Primary Insurance Amount Pesquisa Industrial Anual Personal Injury Accident
Partnership in Action Pittsburgh International Airport Parachute Industry Association
Plug-in Architecture Privacy Impact Assessments Public Internet Access
Parallel Interface Adapter Personal Investment Authority Paid In Advance
Personal Insolvency Agreement Proprietary Information Agreement Parlamento Indígena de América
Porcine Intestinal Adenomatosis Progressive Indirect Attack Products in Action
Public Information Agency Particulate Impact Analyser Protein Interaction Analysis
Public Information Advisor Part in Assembly Pyongyang International Airport

More on PIAs

And did you also know that the pia mater is the innermost membrane that protects the brain and spinal cord?

The baby name Pia means somebody who is pious, devout and prayerful!

Pia is also a perennial herb from Polynesia used to make arrowroot for putting on wounds made by poison darts.